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Testimonials from Clydet

I put my beautiful home for sale in California for 2 months and there was no one made the offer. I asked Master Kwai Lan to audit my home with her Feng Shui skills in the morning before the realtor came in to present my house. I then went out with a friend to Malibu Beach to watch the dolphins. It was a lovely sunny day. We sat on the beach to watch the sunset. The realtor called and told me that there were 7 offers for my house and I had to make the decisions to choose the buyer, whom I would prefer to sell the house to.

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Testimonial From Clydet Clayton – December 5 2006


Testimonial from Nitika

Hi Lana,

Thank you so much for solving my problem. My baby was really giving me sleepless nights since days and you rectified problem in minutes. He used to get up 5 to 6 time in one night and used to cry after waking up, but now it is only once or twice and that too without any cries. Now we can sleep peacefully.

You are amazing.

nitika jain
December 13 2006

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